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In July 2008, Karina, an Argentinean singer, started her collaboration with Michael Vuscan, a Toronto based producer. 
The album to be launched is provocative, meditative, reflecting the artist mature perception about the events in the last years of her life. At her 25 years, after launching her career, she decides to travel around the world to open new horizons end make new connections. In the first part of her trip she meets Michael Vuscan in Trinidad (Cuba), seeing him again two months later, in Toronto, Canada (home city for Michael). They started the work on her first album  recording ten songs written by Michael on Karina’s lyrics.In August she shoots her first video with Decebal Dascau , film director from Toronto, in Karina’s favorite location in Toronto: Kensington Market.
The release of the album is programmed in november 2008,the songs being now in mix and mastering phase in Toronto.

Cd Believer

Believer it's a new production of Jais, a continuation of the direction developed by the singer Alina with few DJ's in the past years and Sasi, the founder of this project. The music is club-oriented with elements of trance and ambient music. The collaboration between Alina and Sasi was very successful, culminated with a MTV nomination and many very good chart positions. Jazz music has a big influence in this production (both musicians playing in jazz bands). The fullnes and richness of the singer's voice  complets the awesome beats created by her music partner. We recommand you to listen the track and ...buy it. LOVE!       website

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Vuscan release Inside My Soul
 D4K & Vuscan invites you to join them in an experimental journey inside the world of loneliness, peace and contemplation.
Please stay tuned for their multimedia project release. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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download Inside My Soul LP for 4.99!!!

                                    watch the video                     a video by D4K

     Price: $4.99